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Welcome to St. John's School

St. John's School is a highly acclaimed institution. Amongst the best schools in the city, it Is widely known because of its prime location in the very heart of Patna and because of its long list of distinguished alumni.

St. John’s took next to no time to become their premier school. St. John’s, which began in 1990 with a small complement of 32 students, now has over 400 students with many names on the waiting list for admission. The school’s impact and continuations in the field of education was duly acknowledged for Quality Education.

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Vision & Mission

"Dedicating our mind to inquiry our heart to integrity our lives to learning, evolving and serving" to give young minds perennial source of knowledge - knowledge that dispels darkness. St. John's School aims to provide the best opportunities for children to learn, to cultivate habits that lead them to adopt positive attitudes to life and develop a deep sense of human values. Read More

Principal"s Message


“Electric current flows in proportion to potential difference, Life current flows in proportion to the intensity with which we feel the gap between what we are and where we can be or between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing or contributing”....

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